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    "Abandon yourself in the hands of Mary. She will take care of you."--St. Padre Pio
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    Pray with Us "Abandon yourself in the hands of Mary. She will take care of you."--St. Padre Pio
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    Fr. William Casey "We need to become Catholic, Christian men and women who are no longer content with spiritual mediocrity"
    Fr. John Riccardo "We have no power to escape sin and death, but Jesus can and does!"

    Father John Lovell
    "Canceled Priests are not priests that have done something wrong, but priests that have stood up for the truth & have been canceled for it"
    Fr. Wade Menezes "We are called, then, to study and to understand the Four Last Things with great joy and trust in God's plan for our lives."

    Fr. Greg Bramlage
    Fr. Bramlage gives a scriptural teaching on some aspect of Healing or Deliverance and then leads participants through specific prayers.
    Fr. James Altman "Have courage; you must never yield, nor is there any need to yield."
    US Grace Force "The United States Grace Force (USGF) is a 'special operations force' specifically trained in spiritual warfare and intercessory prayer."

    Church Militant
    "We are committed to giving you the truth. We battle against sin, the devil and the demonic 'rulers of the darkness of this world'."

    Pray with Us
    “Listening to KCRD has not only taught me so much about the faith but also helps me stay in a state of prayer.” ~Kristi W
    The Holy Rosary "Mary has produced, together with the Holy Ghost, the greatest thing which has been or ever will be—a God-Man; and she will consequently produce the greatest saints that there will be in the end of time.” —St. Louis de Montfort
    Center of
    3 Dioceses
    “KCRD has made me a better driver. I don’t speed anymore because I want to listen longer to the station.” ~Martha S.

    Dr. Ray Guarendi
    "Jesus, the master psychologist, listen to Him!"

    Patrick Madrid
    "Every Catholic is one good confession away from potential sainthood."